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Oral Presentations

  • Hölbling, D., 2020. Remote Sensing and OBIA for Landslide Mapping. Invited talk at Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research, Palmerston North, New Zealand, February 11.

  • Hölbling, D., 2019. Remote Sensing for Landslide Mapping: Examples, Opportunities and Challenges. Invited talk at the Department of Remote Sensing, CzechGlobe, Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno, Czech Republic, October 15.

  • Dabiri, Z., Hölbling, D., Abad, L., Tiede, D., 2019. Assessment of Landslide-Induced Morphology Changes Using an Object-Based Image Analysis Approach: A Case Study of Hitardalur, Iceland. Gi4DM, Prague, Czech Republic, 3-6 September.

  • Hennig, S., Hölbling, D., Ferber, N., Tiede, D., 2019. Rahmenkonzept und Komponenten für Citizen Science Projekte. Das Projekt citizenMorph. AGIT - Symposium und EXPO Angewandte Geoinformatik, Salzburg, Austria, 3-5 July.

  • Hennig, S., 2019. CitizenMorph: Application of Participatory Design for Citizen Science. 5. Österreichische Citizen Science Konferenz, Obergurgl, Austria, 26-28 June.

  • Hölbling, D., 2019. Landslide research @ Z_GIS: Landslide mapping and monitoring using remote sensing. Presentation at "Lectures in GIScience: research progress and frontiers", University of Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria, March 18.

  • Ferber, N., 2018. (Geo-) Partizipation, Citizen Science und mehr. GIS Day 2018, Salzburg, Austria, November 14.

  • Hennig, S., 2018. How to make online geospatial participation as success? International Scientific and Practical Conference: Scientific - research work in the field of Geoinformatics: current state and prospects, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 19-20 October.

  • Junisbekova, V., Hölbling, D., 2018. SAR Interferometry and Object-Based Image analysis for landslide mapping in south-eastern Kazakhstan. International Symposium on Water and Land Resources in Central Asia, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 9-11 October.

  • Hölbling, D., Tiede, D., Dittrich, D., Friedl, B., Reymond, C., 2018. Mapping and monitoring of mass movements around Öræfajökull: Examples, opportunities and challenges. Hekla, Öræfajökull & Remote Sensing Conference [Invited talk], Reykjavik, Iceland, October 5.

  • Hölbling, D., 2018. Landslide mapping using remote sensing: examples, opportunities and challenges. Invited talk at the Department of Geography, University of Bergen, Norway, September 27.

  • Hennig, S., Ferber, N. , Hölbling, D., 2018. Proseminar Citizen Science, Partizipation & Geomedien: Theorie und Praxis zur Entwicklung von Applikationen der Geo-Partizipation. Uni 55-PLUS Informationsveranstaltung, Salzburg, Austria, winter term 2018/19.

  • Friedl, B., Hölbling, D., Tiede, D., Dittrich, J., Robson, B.A., Saemundsson, T., Pedersen, G.B.M., Lang. S., 2018. Object-Based Tracking Of Rock Avalanche Deposits On Glaciers Using Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data. 38th EARSeL Symposium: Earth Observation Supporting Sustainability Research, Chania, Crete, Greece, 9-12 July.

  • Vogler, R., Hennig, S., 2018. GI Empowerment durch Erwachsenenbildungsinitiativen. AGIT - Symposium und EXPO Angewandte Geoinformatik, Salzburg, Austria, 1-5 July.

  • Hölbling, D., 2018. Landslide Mapping. EO4Alps Summer School, Salzburg, Austria, 24 June - 6 July 2018.

  • Tiede, D., Friedl, B., Hölbling, D., Dittrich, J., Robson, B.A., 2018. Object tracking through time: the example of a rock avalanche on a glacier. GEOBIA 2018, Montpellier, France, 18-22 June.

  • Hölbling, D., 2018. Landslide research @ Z_GIS: Remote sensing based landslide mapping and assessment. Presentation at "Lectures in GIScience: research progress and frontiers", University of Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria, April 23.

  • Dittrich, J., Friedl, B., Hölbling, D., Pedersen, G.B.M., Saemundsson, T., Guðmundsson, S., 2017. Towards the Compilation of a Terrain-Corrected Backscatter Database of Glacio-Volcanic Land Cover Types. Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG) 28th Annual Conference - "Applied Geological Remote Sensing", Lisbon, Portugal, 13-15 December.

  • Hölbling, D., Friedl, B., Dittrich, J., Cigna, F., Pedersen, G.B.M., 2017. Combined interpretation of optical and SAR data for landslide mapping. 3rd Regional symposium on Landslides in the Adriatic-Balkan Region (ReSyLAB),  Ljubljana, Slovenia, 11-13 October. 

  • Hölbling, D., 2017. Object-based Landslide Mapping: Examples, Challenges and Opportunities. Invited talk at Landcare Research, Palmerston North, New Zealand, February 13.

  • Hölbling, D., Betts, H., Spiekermann, R., Phillips, C., 2017. Mapping landslide hotspots by means of historical and recent aerial photography on North Island, New Zealand. 17th ANZGG Conference, Greytown, New Zealand, 6-10 February.

Poster Presentations