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About citizenMorph

The citizenMorph (Observation and Reporting of Landscape Dynamics by Citizens) project is an expansion of the FWF main project MORPH. It is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) as part of the Top Citizen Science (TCS) funding initiative, which aims to include “citizen science” components in ongoing FWF projects. Research activities that enable citizens to contribute to generating substantial additional research results are supported by this initiative.

The TCS expansion project citizenMorph is closely linked to MORPH. Its objective is to develop a pilot, mobile web mapping app (citizenMorph app) that allows citizens to map and contribute field data (spatial data, attribute data, geotagged photos) on geomorphological landscape dynamics. This data will enrich the MORPH data pool, will allow the validation of remote sensing based results and will broaden the range of results.

To design and implement a mobile web mapping app that fully matches with expert and citizens’ requirements, that ensures that citizens benefit from participating in the project, and that provides extensive, high quality data usable for the MORPH project, we will cooperate with citizens, mainly with pupils and seniors. In line with the concept of participatory design, citizens will be involved in all steps of the app development process: requirements specification, design, implementation, and testing of the app. The app will be designed to be usable in various regions where geomorphological events occur. This allows combining MORPH data and citizenMorph data for 3D reconstruction of the surface using Structure from Motion (SfM) and dense image matching (DIM) methods.