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Presentation at GSA 2020 Connects Online

Zahra Dabiri presented an e-poster entitled “Generation of Multitemporal DEMs from Sentinel-1 for assessing Geomorphological changes in the Hítardalur valley, Western Iceland”, at the GSA 2020 Connects Online conference, 26 – 30 October 2020. The study elaborates the potential of Sentinel-1 radar image pairs for the generation of multi-temporal post-event DEMs and their applicability for landslide volume estimation. The results indicate that DEMs derived from freely available data such as Sentinel-1 show a potential for studying and monitoring geomorphological landscape changes, e.g. caused by landslides, if carefully derived to reach a sufficient quality for the specific application case. The GSA 2020 Connects Online meeting was an excellent opportunity to present our research to an international community.