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Presentation at the GEOBIA 2018 conference

The 7th International Conference on Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA 2018) took place in Montpellier, France, from 18-22 June 2018. Dirk Tiede presented a methodological study on “Object tracking through time: the example of a rock avalanche on a glacier” to demonstrate how rock avalanches can automatically be tracked over a longer period (here over 18 years using seven images from different Landsat sensors) with an innovative object-linking approach. Compared to pixel-based correlation methods (on optical or SAR data) objects can be tracked, even if their shape and movement rates are changing and by using images from different years and even different sensors. It cannot only be used for automated change analysis of rock avalanche deposit transportation on glaciers, but also to indirectly estimate the velocity of glaciers.